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    At RPO we care about the environment. Our business is ink on paper, and without a concern for one of our most vital resources, we have no business being in the printing business. We practice recycling in several different ways. The inks that we use are now made with higher proportions of renewable raw materials and do not contain the high levels of solvents that inks used to contain in years past. The ink waste that we generate is disposed of properly and with the least amount of impact on our environment. We work with paper merchants that support recycled paper. These days most paper that is used in the industry has at least a percentage of recycled material.

    The amount of recycled content in all printed products has grown substantially in the past 10 years. The paper that we generate as waste is shredded for recycling and we are paid for this waste material. The money we raise from the recycled paper then pays for the proper disposal of our inks and other standard commercial wastes, which makes RPO environmentally responsible and financially efficient. Our plating process is state of the art and is also environmentally friendly. Our plates are made from a chemical free process unlike many commercial printers still using machines that require chemicals and a contaminated water waste system. After we use these aluminum plates on our press, we then recycle this aluminum. So we practice recycling with our ink, paper, corrugated materials, aluminum from our plates, and oil that is used in our machines. Our practice also includes the purchase of recycled products.

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